YEW Consignment and Direct Purchase Program

We acquire new and used YEW MRO, surplus, and spare parts in bulk at the best prices.

Why Choose Us

We help our clients recover the most out of their surplus YEW inventory.

We have the expertise

For over 21 years, our consignment and direct purchase programs have helped our clients recover more than $650M from surplus industrial equipment.

We have the exposure

We actively list and market your equipment on 37+ marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and to name a few.

We have the buyers

Our buyer base comprises over 110,000 loyal industrial equipment buyers, resellers, and distributors.

We have the fastest recovery rate

Our clients typically see sales in as little as one to two weeks. Our reporting portal offers our clients complete transparency on their assets.

We are global

We have distribution centres in Ohio (US), Ontario (CA), UAE, and Pakistan, allowing us to work with clients globally.

We are ready to respond

We provide our clients with free desktop valuations within 2-3 days. Ready to connect? Click here to request a free valuation.

Our Selling Expertise

Twenty-one years of selling experience speaks for itself.

Wide Range of Products Coverage

We actively carry thousands of YEW inventory spread across many different product categories:

Complete Hands-Off Experience

From cataloging, listing, warehousing, and fulfillment to post-sale and customer service, we handle the entire process for our clients.

Recently Purchased

We acquire YEW inventory on a weekly basis. Here's what we have acquired last week:


Electrical, Panel Meters, Ammeters

Purchase Quantity: 483



Program Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions or ready to get started? We are ready to respond.

Free Valuation

NRI provides a no-cost evaluation within 2-3 days. The client provides an asset list or a site inspection is conducted. Once a list is received a comprehensive evaluation is performed to include the desirability of the material list, recovery value range and timeframe of recovery.

Our team consistently analyzes the market to determine the current selling value of the items we list for sale. Our 21 years of historical data also enables our team to make accurate projections and the expected recovery.

The client is responsible for the cost of transportation to our warehouse. Our logistics team can schedule the freight transportation for the client, or the client can handle the freight themselves. If we schedule the transportation/trucking, we do so at our cost and deduct the expense from the client's monthly proceeds payment. If the client cannot pick, pack, and load, we can send a crew to the client's site to package and load the material. We charge an hourly fee for this service.

No. MRO and spare parts are shipped to one of our facilities to be processed and managed through order fulfillment (off-site consignment program). We can support onsite consignment sales under special project conditions.

Generally, our clients are under monthly payment terms. At the end of every month, a payout record will be generated for the sales that occurred within the month. Payments are sent before the end of the following month.

Partner with us as your asset recovery expert on your surplus YEW inventory.

Request a free desktop valuation and move forward with your surplus inventory needs in as little as 2-3 days.