Direct Purchase Program

The asset recovery solution for businesses looking for the quickest turnaround on their surplus inventory.

Direct Purchase Program Features

Our program is designed for businesses that want the quickest turnaround on their surplus assets, MRO and spare parts.

We are fast

Our team is quick. We can have your surplus inventory removed from your site in as little as a week.

We offer the best rates

With our asset recovery expertise, we are able to offer the best rates for our clients.

We are ready to respond

We provide our clients with free desktop valuations within 2-3 days. Ready to connect? Click here to request a free valuation.

Our Process

Our acquisition process is simple and can be completed as quickly as a week.

Step 1. Assessment

We perform desktop and onsite evaluations of your surplus inventory, MRO, and parts.

Step 2. Bid & Offer

We prepare an offer to purchase or participate in the bidding process as per your seller's terms.

Step 3. Contract & Removal

Upon finalizing the purchase agreement, we proceed with the removal of the surplus inventory in as little as a week.

Program Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions or ready to get started? We are ready to respond.

Free Valuation

When we purchase your material, we will work within your timeframe for removal. We can send a crew to your site to package and load if needed, or the seller can package and load onto our trucks. We are responsible for all shipping costs, and no fee is charged to the seller if we send a crew on site to package and load the material.

NRI has no size limits on the amount of material that we purchase or consign. NRI does not purchase larger installed equipment. NRI primarily buys or consigns only storeroom MRO/obsolete parts…anything that can fit in a Gaylord box or on a pallet.

The client provides a surplus asset list, or a site visit is required. Pictures are always helpful. A desktop analysis is performed, or a site visit is conducted; After an offer is made, if accepted, NRI makes payment and works with your facility to pick up the purchased material.

If the material is not packed, NRI can mobilize to perform these services as part of the direct purchase offer.

Partner with us as your asset recovery expert.

Request a free desktop valuation and move forward with your surplus inventory needs in as little as 2-3 days.