Got surplus industrial equipment & MRO? We have a solution for that.

Sell with one of America's largest industrial sellers and get the most out of your surplus equipment.

Why Choose Us

We help our clients recover the most out of their surplus inventory and MRO.

We have the expertise

For over 21 years, our consignment and direct purchase programs have helped our clients recover more than $650M from surplus industrial equipment.

We have the exposure

We actively list and market your equipment on 37+ marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and to name a few.

We have the buyers

Our buyer base comprises over 110,000 loyal industrial equipment buyers, resellers, and distributors.

We have the fastest recovery rate

Our clients typically see sales in as little as one to two weeks. Our reporting portal offers our clients complete transparency on their assets.

We are global

We have distribution centres in Ohio (US), Ontario (CA), UAE, and Pakistan, allowing us to work with clients globally.

We are ready to respond

We provide our clients with free desktop valuations within 2-3 days. Ready to connect? Click here to request a free valuation.

A Part For A Plant Initiative

Sustainable Asset Recovery Solutions

Your asset recovery process can be green. We don't just help our clients recover value from their surplus assets; we also plant trees on their behalf through our "A Part For A Plant" initiative.

Step 1.

Partner with us as your asset recovery expert.

Step 2.

We plant a tree for every part we sell for our clients.

Step 3.

Join NRI's green initiative, by working together one part at a time.

Happy Clients

Don't take our word for it. See what clients are saying about us.

NRI has helped us recoup more than $1.6M from surplus inventory. We were able to regain more than 211,000 square feet of storage space.

Consignment Client

Energy & Utilities Industry

NRI has helped us remove 29 truckloads of materials from the job site and recover more than $16.7M in less than a year from over 70,000 pieces of surplus inventory.

Consignment Client

Oil & Gas Industry

NRI has helped us remove 103,000 line items from storage and recoup more than $1.5M dollars on idle inventory and $28.5M dollars worth of tax deductions.

Direct Purchase Client

Food Processing Industry

NRI has helped us avoid costly equipment disposal fees, remove 47,000 pieces of equipment and receive more than $8.8M dollars worth of tax deductions.

Direct Purchase Client

Oil & Gas Industry

We sold more than $820K under three months from our surplus inventory through NRI's services. This also resulted in increased staff efficiency on our end.

Consignment Client

Energy & Utilities Industry

Partner with us as your asset recovery expert.

Request a free desktop valuation and move forward with your surplus inventory needs in as little as 2-3 days.