Consignment Referral Program

Recommend us and earn recurring commissions from consignment program referrals.

Referral Program Features

People love to work with us,
and here's why:

Our expertise is in selling

As the top industrial equipment seller, we can sell parts for our consigners quickly and at the best rates. When consigners get paid, you get paid.

We offer recurring commissions

Unlike others who offer one-time referral commissions, we offer recurring commissions. Whenever we generate sales for your referrals, you get paid.

We are transparent

Our reporting portal offers a clear view of all sales and payment activities to keep our partners in the loop.

Program Information

Frequently Asked Questions

You can join our referral program by working with one of our business development managers. Terms such as payment methods, payment terms, commission rates, etc., must be put into a contract before a broker's account is created to track referral sales and commissions.

Our system generates a payout record for all sales from your referrals at the end of every month. Brokers are typically paid out via their preferred payment method (ACH Wire, Cheque...etc.) by the end of the following month.

We make no mistakes when it comes to tracking. When you refer a consigner client, the client is attached to your account permanently. All sales we generate for the consigner client will automatically be attributed to your account.

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